Instrumental Assessment

Videofluroscopic Swallow Evaluation (VSE or Videofluroscopy)

Provides information about an individual’s swallow, with regard to their anatomy and functional ability (Bales & Ritchie, 2009). The consistency and size of the bolus depends on the therapist administering the food and fluid during the assessment (Bales & Ritchie, 2009).

Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES)

This procedure allows the speech therapist to observe both the pharyngeal and laryngeal areas before and after deglutition (Bales & Ritchie, 2009).
For more information on either of these procedures, see Groher and Crary, Chapter 10 (2010).
Neither of these procedures are appropriate for this population as the individual will be unable to comprehend the reason for the procedure and would find these distressing, especially the FEES.
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